Water Disposal and Reclamation

Winkler Solutions owns disposal rights under the Roark Ranch and adjacent acreage (38,000+ acres) and is currently in the final stages of permitting four of six planned Salt Water Disposal facilities “off the ranch” also in Winkler County.

Winkler is working with a well-known and respected Salt Water Disposal (SWD) construction company, which has constructed state of the art SWD facilities in West Texas for many operators.

Our facilities are designed to be fully automated, operate 24/7 and be manned as appropriate. In addition to disposal via trucks (servicing multiple trucks lanes simultaneously), we are well positioned to provide a piped solution to transport produced water from customer locations directly into our disposal facilities.

Each of the facilities will have the major equipment components as follows:
  • Industry recognized HWSB tanks and internally coated steel tanks w/ full lightning protection
  • Sch 10 316L Stainless Steel piping at facility
  • Self-cleaning stainless steel filters
  • H-Pumps with backups on standby
  • Nema 1 rated electrical controls in MCC enclosures
  • Fully automated facility w/ remote monitoring and e-ticketing
  • 24/7 surveillance with high definition cameras
  • Multiple truck lanes where appropriate
See pictures below for the SWD solutions.