Established in 2014 and based in Houston, Texas, Winkler Holdings LLC was formed to provide a complete water management solution for Oil & Gas Operators located in the heart of the Delaware Basin, in Winkler, Loving and Ward Counties in Texas. Winkler Holdings is backed by an institutional capital partner.

The Winkler Companies include the following growing services:

Winkler Services

Winkler Services sells water to a wide variety of O&G Operators in the Delaware Basin. Winkler owns the water rights under the Roark Ranch and adjacent acreage, (approximately 38,000+ acres in size) that sits directly over the water abundant Monument Draw Trough. Winkler has drilled and completed numerous groundwater wells that produce between 600 and 1,500 gpm each, enabling Winkler Services to simultaneously provide water to numerous customers on a large scale and sustained basis.

Winkler Solutions

Winkler Solutions owns disposal rights under the Roark Ranch and adjacent acreage totaling more than 38,000 acres. Winkler Solutions is currently in the final stages of permitting 3 additional Salt Water Disposal facilities north, east and south of the Roark Ranch, so together with the 2 SWD permits already granted, we will have a total of 5 SWDs outside of our core acreage position in Winkler County.

Winkler Midstream

Winkler Midstream has recently completed (Q2 2018) a 250,000 barrels/day capacity, 18+ mile pipeline designed by the Midland based Parkhill, Smith & Cooper and constructed by Garney Construction. This system, with more than 50 miles of distribution lines in place enables Winkler to serve its customer base reliably and efficiently.

Winkler Sand

Winkler Sand owns more than 4,800 acres of sand and mining rights approximately 5 miles north of Kermit TX. Winkler’s location has access to highway, rail, electric power, gas and water.